Why you should Buy the JBL Duet Speaker System

By The Gopher - May 21, 2019
JBL Duet Speaker System

JBL’s Duet III desktop speakers look to this old gopher like the champagne of desktop speakers. These are a really beautiful set of speakers, right off the bat. It looks like something made for the rich folks. The question is, does it sound like something made for the rich folks? Aha! Well, c’mon now, it’s JBL, you know, they’ve got a great reputation for high-end audio, both in-home stereo systems, and commercial applications.

You know, the one thing you’ve got to do in this business is to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples, and not comparing apples to kumquats or kiwis. These are some rather expensive apples, but they are definitely not kiwis. What I mean is, for the price, a lot of people would try and compare them to at least s 2.1 speaker system, if not a 5.1. But hey, all they are is a pair of desktop speakers.

Having said that, I’ve got to say that these JBL desktop speakers are really good desktop speakers. They’ll definitely blow away the 29.95 pair you picked up from the Joe’s Electronics and Coffee Bar down on the corner. JBL has but really great quality, cast aluminum frame “Warrior” transducer in these speakers, so they produce good sound. But, don’t expect the bass to move you.

The small footprint is great for those of us gophers who always have a messy desk. You don’t have to worry about these JBL desktop speakers ending up on the floor because you don’t have room for them. Nor do you have to worry about them ending up on the floor from falling over. Even though they look top-heavy, they’re really quite stable. Greg couldn’t knock them over, even shooting spit-wads at them; and let me tell you, Greg’s spit wads pack a wallop.

There’s a 10-watt amplifier built into the speakers, which isn’t going to blow you out of your seat, but then, it’s not supposed to. You get plenty of sounds, and no distortion, even at max volume. An audio jack allows you to plug in your iPod or another electronic device, instead of using them for your computer.

While there are volume control and power switch on the top of the right-hand speaker, these speakers are also touch-sensitive for sound. Zach just couldn’t get over changing the volume level by touching them. I hope he gets tired of it soon, or I’m going to get tired of letting him in my office. Maybe I should just use the touch-sensitive mute and put Zach out of business.

I can wrap up the look of these speakers in one word… classy. They’re not boring, nor are they far out, they’re just classy. Controls and jacks are unobtrusively hidden, instead of messing up the sleek design. The bullet-shaped design looks good sitting beside the monitor, not so good as to distract you from what you’re doing, but good enough to make the other gophers think you just won the lottery.

JBL has done something nice with these speakers in the setup department. The cords are integrated together, meaning if you get all the plugs in somewhere, it’s bound to work. If your desk has as many wired on it as mine does, that little detail can be nice. I think snakes could breed under my desk and I’d never see them.

For desktop speakers, these are the cat’s meow. No, they’re not going to compete with your $20,000 home stereo system, or your surround sound entertainment system. Remember they’re apples, or at least oranges, not kumquats.

Overall, the sound quality of these speakers is definitely better than your average desktop speaker system. The bass could use a little boost, but there’s really no control for it. If you want a lot of basses, you’d better invest in at least a 2.1 speaker system. On the other hand, if you’re like me and don’t want to be shaken out of your chair, these will give you incredible sound.

If you want a really good desktop sound and have the pocket to support this kind of purchase, yeah, go for it. On the other hand, if you want a lot of basses, pay a few bucks more and invest in that 2.1 system sitting on the other shelf. For what these are, desktop speakers, they’re great. But they’re just not what they’re not.