Why you should absolutely buy the Bose Computer MusicMonitor System

By The Gopher - January 02, 2020
Bose Computer MusicMonitor System Review

Old Gopher: “Bose, those little things are Bose?”

Chief Gopher: “That’s what they say on the front.”

Old Gopher: “You’re not playing a trick on me, are you? You know, taking the Bose logo and putting it on some cheapo speaker, just to see if I’ll still give it a good rating.”

Chief Gopher: “Hey, don’t believe me, listen to them. You’ll be able to tell.”

These Bose Computer MusicMonitor speakers have got to be the smallest thing that Bose makes. They’re as small as a Coke can; so small that you wonder if they could produce any real sound. But, they’re Bose, and they don’t put their name on anything that doesn’t create an awesome sound.

Wow, the first thing you notice when you’re taking these Bose desktop speakers out of the box is that they’re heavy. Since the case is brushed aluminum, it can’t be the case that’s so heavy, so it must be the magnets. Some gopher figured out that these little babies cost $8.75 per ounce. I guess that definitely takes them out of the realm of the ordinary and puts them in the gourmet listener aisle.

The one thing that Bose seemed to leave off of these desktop speakers is a headphone jack. I guess you could just call that pride on Bose’s part; after all, who would want to degrade their audio experience by using headphones, especially after paying the price to buy such high-quality speakers.

Clean lines and a rakish angle describe this speaker rather well. It sits there like it’s just daring you to crank up the volume and let it blow. With the controls on the side of the right-hand speaker, the fronts are undisturbed by knobs buttons and connections. I really like the black finish, but the little gophers think that the aluminum finish is cool.

One cord to connect to both speakers and a power supply. Too bad they couldn’t fit the transformer in the speakers, but I guess when you make them this small, there isn’t room. The remote control means you don’t have to get up to adjust the sound volume when Mrs. Gopher starts complaining.

This is what it’s all about; after all, we’re talking Bose here. I never thought you could get such rich bass sound out of such a small speaker cabinet, and it’s not even wood, it’s aluminum. I remember back when woofers weren’t considered to be woofers unless they were at least 10” in diameter, and that was a little iffy if you were a real audiophile.

The Bose Computer MusicMonitor system has the whole audio range covered. Not only can you get plenty of sound from them, but the balance is incredible. Clear sharp highs, great midrange, and that surprising bass. I guess the term I’d have to use is “accurate music reproduction.” Bose isn’t out to give you a bass boost or the famous “U” settings on the equalizer; they’re trying to make it sound like that band, orchestra, rock group, or old man with an accordion are right there in the room with you. Do you know something? They succeed in it.

Having said that, remember that they’re giving you true sound. Lots of gophers think that it doesn’t sound good unless the bass is shaking you out of your chair. That’s not good music, that’s called distortion. If you want your music to rock you, maybe you’d better go looking for something cheaper.

One little detail you need to know about the Bose Computer MusicMonitor is you need good sound software. They’re so good, that Windows Media Player can’t keep up with them. No, really. The audio quality of the Media Player isn’t as good as these speakers. If you’re going to invest this much in some speakers, you should get yourself some good software to run them.

The one problem with the Bose Computer MusicMonitor System is the Bose premium. You know, the “we’re the best and you can’t argue with that, so pay up” premium. On the other hand, they really are the best at what they do. Should you buy it? If you want outstanding sound, by all means, pay the premium. You’ll definitely be satisfied.