Why we Love the Bose Companion 3 Series II Multimedia Speaker System

By The Gopher - July 10, 2019
Bose Companion 3 Series II Multimedia Speaker System Review
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Wow, Bose! The Chief Gopher usually doesn’t let me play with anything this fancy. I mean, like it’s Bose, you know? Just the name gives me the heebie-jeebies. You know, I’ve been an audio guy even longer than I’ve been a computer guy, so this ought to be great.

You know, I never figured out why Gophers went to computer houses, looking for great audio. If you want great audio, you’ve got to go to an audio house. That’s what I’ve always said.

Man, these Bose desktop speakers are some really cool looking speakers. It’s only a 2.1 system, but hey, I bet Bose has some tricks up their sleeve to make that great sound I’m waiting for. The desktop units hardly take up any room at all, with their little stands and the sub-woofer tucks nicely under my desk. I can even put my microchip robots on the base of the speakers, makes it look like a little garage.

There’s a cool little puck thingy that comes with the speaker set. It has the volume control, input and headphone jacks, and a handy-dandy mute button on it. I suppose they made it look like a puck so that you could play desk hockey with it when the boss isn’t looking.

Man, what a letdown. After getting so excited about the great Bose name, and the cool look of these speakers, powering them up took the wind out of my sails. Maybe I’m a little funny, but I like full-spectrum sound. I always thought that meant I could hear everything, you know? I mean everything. When it comes to the highs and the really lows these speakers really rock; but there’s something different, it’s called the mid-lows. Where did they go?

If you want cool, and you want to impress your Gopher friends with the Bose name, these are great, but if you want a really good sound… ehhh, not so great.

As I said, these are cool looking speakers. Each desktop unit takes up only 2.5” x 2.5” of real estate on your desk, and you can tuck something under them if you need to. If your desk is as cluttered as mine, that’s a real plus. The Bose desktop speakers are all-metal housings, with all-metal grilles, so they’re durable as well as stylish.

The puck is really cool looking too. Makes it seem like you’ve got something really special going on; like, high tech, maybe even medical tech. Whatever kind of tech, it’s cool. Zach grabbed it, as soon as I hooked these up, trying to figure out what it was. I think he expected it to be a new kind of mouse or something.

Setup’s no sweat. The puck comes with a long enough cord to put it wherever you want on your desk. Everything comes together at the sub-woofer, so there’s really only one thing to hook up to your computer. Nice and easy. The small footprint on the desktop units makes it easy to find a home for.

This is where things go south; nothing important, they’re just speakers, right?

If you are after incredibly clear highs and midrange, man, this system’s got it. You can hear the bow moving across the violin strings; you can hear the guitarist move his hand; you can hear things you’ve never heard before. You can hear the sound quality difference between an MP3 and a CD, even if you have a tin ear as I do.

If you want your base to move you, the sub-woofer in this set will do it. You may not hear it, but you’ll definitely feel it. But from somewhere down there in the basement, to just below midrange… where the regular base range is supposed to be… it’s like they just cut it out. Bummer.

For the price, this Gopher thinks there are much better things on the market. Actually, for $100 less than this price, there are better things on the market. Hey, if you want the Bose name, go for it, if you want good sound, don’t buy these Bose desktop speakers, look for something else.