Why I still use the Logitech Z523 Speaker System with Subwoofer in 2020

By The Gopher - January 05, 2020
logitech z523 speaker system review
Credits: YouTube

Have you ever seen a cartoon where the bass was so strong that it shook the guy right out of his chair? Well, I always thought they used some mono stereo system to do that, but I think I found the Logitech Z523 speakers to do it. Yeah, I said desktop speakers. You know there are a lot of 2.1 speaker systems out there that brag about their bass, but this set’s really got something to brag about.

It sure seems like our friends at Logitech make a lot of different desktop speaker systems. I guess they’re just trying to make sure they’ve got something for everybody. Even though I’ve looked at several sets of their desktop speakers, this one’s different from them all.

The desktop satellites are kind of curvy boxes; not wild, just bugger on the bottom and curving towards a narrower top; sort of like what Dr. Seuss would design if he drew some speakers. They’ve got transducers in both the front and the back, making the 360 degree sounds that Logitech brags about. It really does sound as good from the back as it does from the front. The 6-1/2” down-firing subwoofer is really a subwoofer this time, not just in name, but indeed.

Be careful taking that subwoofer out of the box though, I just about managed to put my paw right through it. I guess Logitech thought it wouldn’t need a grill since it is down-firing, but they didn’t take clumsy gophers into account when they made that decision. The grills on the satellites are real metal grills through. Great for keeping the little gopher’s fingers off of the transducers.

One really nice thing that Logitech did on these Z523 speakers was to put a bass control on the right satellite, along with the volume control. I guess they didn’t want to put up with a lot of complaints from neighbors who were shaken off of their sofas. With that control so easily accessible, you can readily adjust your sound from booming bass to something more appropriate for the romantic music in your life.

You know, there are companies who try and sell their product based upon the look. Logitech isn’t one of them. I’m not saying that their products don’t look nice, but they’re not trying to get into an art museum or make you think that aliens just landed on your desktop. If you’re trying to buy a look, maybe you’d better look elsewhere. But, if you’re trying to buy some good speakers, look no further. Other than the curved sides, and slanted front, the Logitech Z523 looks rather normal. The controls are nice and easy to get to and there are both headphone and audio input jacks on the side of the right-hand satellite.

I really like it when manufacturers design their products without that annoying little transformer box to clutter up my multiple plug strips. Logitech got it right with these desktop speakers. The power plugs into the subwoofer, and they’ve put the transformer into the box. All you’ve got to do is connect your power and run the wires to the satellites; done.

This is where Logitech’s really got some bragging rights on these desktop speakers. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a 2.1 speaker system with bass like this one. Matter of fact, it’s too much for me. Yeah, I know I grew up in the heyday of Rock-and-roll, but you know, I like hearing my music, not just feeling it. Well, with these babies, you can both hear it and feel it. Highs are great, mid-range is decent, and the bass, well that’s what really shines.

If you like bass, absolutely, positively, unquestionably, you’ll like the Logitech Z523. A great job on Logitech’s part, and at a reasonable price too.