Top 5 Non-Prescription Creams for Arthritis

By The Gopher - May 25, 2020
Non-Prescription Creams for Arthritis

Joints become swollen for many different reasons and some common ones are malpositions of the joint, an overuse injury, or a chronic condition such as arthritis. This condition can get really unpleasant, it causes daily swelling,  high stiffness, daily discomfort, and it’s not always easy to reduce these uncomfortable symptoms.

Experts commonly suggest dietary and lifestyle changes, in addition to taking appropriate medications. Sometimes, a simple, affordable cream can be all that you need and provide significant pain relief. Drugstore skincare products can contain adequate ingredients for easing the discomfort from inflammation, minimizing inflexibility in the joints, and helping you feel better during the day.

Topical creams can be used many times in a day on the problematic areas, and you will feel the effects as soon as the skin absorbs the cream. When looking for adequate creams, search for painkilling ingredients that have been proven to be effective for arthritis.

Here are some ingredients, provided by Healthline, that made these drugstore creams effective and useful.

Capsaicin – blocks skin’s pain receptors and thereby reduces pain

Salicylates – reduces inflammation, which lessens joint pressure and pain

Counterirritants – warm ingredients such as cinnamon oil, menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus. These contra-irritants are known to warm or cool your skin so that your brain does not feel the pain.

Try creams that contain these ingredients for your arthritis symptoms. Below are some of the better choices if you are ready to test them.

You are going to love Myoflex Odorless Pain Relieving Cream if you usually don’t like the smell of these types of creams. This product is non-greasy and has no scent. It’s simple to use and contains Salicylates that will relieve inflammation symptoms which causes arthritis pain in the first place.

Icy Hot Vanishing Gel acts fast and is called “vanishing” because the color and scent quickly vanish. This gel contains anti-inflammatory Salicylates and a counterirritant – menthol. When applied to the skin, it will cool it first and then later warm the applied skin area to help relieve pain.

This affordable cream is effective for alleviating mild arthritis pain, backache, and any muscle discomfort. The reason why Bengay’s ultra strength pain relieving cream is so effective is that it contains three important ingredients and every one of them will ease arthritis pain. These are counterirritants – menthol and camphor (cooling and warming the skin area) and Salicylates (reduces inflammation).

Even though this greaseless cream is primarily intended for athletes, it can also help with arthritis-related pain. Sportscreme Deep Penetrating Pain Relieving Rub contains Salicylates, and offers immediate pain relief, with a clean fresh scent.

Capzasin-HP Arthritis Cream contains one of the key ingredients – Capsaicin. Capsaicin can be found in chili peppers (its active ingredient) and is very helpful in alleviating arthritis pain. This cream is deep penetrating and can also help with backaches, sprains, and strains. You’ll know the cream is working as soon as you feel slight heating in the applied area.

Although there are numerous treatments, drugs, and topical medications for arthritis, every arthritis patient should have to figure out what works best for him. But there are certainly some common things that help many patients in large numbers, such as regular exercise, diet changes, and conventional medicines.

Nonetheless, you should give these non-prescription, affordable creams a try, you could be amazed by their efficiency. They’re available almost everywhere, so when unpleasant pain attacks, go to your local drugstore and search for some of the above-mentioned products.

Consulting your doctor goes without saying, you’ll want to consult regarding some possible side effects. Also, doing your own research is a wise move before trying something for the first time. Compare the prices, study product effectiveness, what are the ingredients in it, consult a specialist, and then finally – test the product.