The Very Best Sony Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

By The Gopher - March 29, 2019
Sony Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

If it looks like a pair of binoculars and sounds like music, it must be Sony’s Bluetooth Wireless Speakers. Bigger than many other laptop speakers, to give you that added bass boost, these speakers are still small enough to stuff in your backpack and take on the go. Bluetooth enabling and dual power supply options make them convenient for use wherever you are.

I’ve got to say that this old gopher has mixed feelings about these speakers. Yeah, I grew up in the era of rock-n-roll, but I never got into hearing music with my guts instead of my ears. The proprietary bass boost on these speakers makes the bass really come out for those who want it; but for me, I like to hear the other tones as well.

Overall, they’re a snazzy looking set of portable speakers. The Bluetooth connection is a great advantage to have over wires that get tangled up, broken, and otherwise make themselves a pain in the whatever. I had no problem getting them to connect to my Blueberry, or was that my Blackberry? My laptop didn’t go so well though; for some reason, I had to go in manually to get them to link.

Not sure how long they’ll last on a set of 3 AA batteries, but the included AC adapter is nice to have. I don’t like buying batteries all that much, so I guess I’ll just have to use some rechargeables in it. Hmm, it’d be nice if this thing would recharge the batteries when I connected it to power.

The look of these Sony Bluetooth Wireless Speakers is kind of snazzy. Zack and Greg were playing with them here in the office and couldn’t decide what they looked like. I guess it was kind of like looking at clouds, from one way it looks like a set of bongos, from another like a letter “B,” still another angle made it look like a drink holder. I tell you; those little gophers of mine have quite an imagination.

The first hookup was easy; turn it on and my Blackberry found it right away. But the second device I tried to hook it up with gave me trouble, I had to go in manually and select the speakers. Some other gophers have told me they had this problem too, but not everyone has. For some people, the speakers interface with everything immediately. Hmm, I guess it depends on whether they like you or not.

If you are after bass, these speakers are great; nice rich bass boost. If you want to listen to classical, you might want t look a little farther; you’re not going to be happy with the high end. For that matter, if you’re listening to audiobooks they might be a little muffled and hard to understand.

Here come those mixed feelings again. These Sony Bluetooth Wireless Speakers are a great bargain for someone who wants the Bluetooth convenience. Whether or not you are going to like them depends a lot on what type of music you’re listening to. But if you’re going to buy them, do it soon, it looks like they’re on closeout.