The Truth about Sony SRS BT100 Bluetooth Stereo Speakers

By The Gopher - March 25, 2019
Sony SRS BT100 Bluetooth Stereo Speakers Review

Wow, Chief Gopher! Nice ice chest! What’s that? You say it’s not an ice chest. Speakers? You say it’s a set of Bluetooth laptop speakers! Well, they did a nice camouflage job; I’d never have guessed that was a set of speakers. Kind of hard to carry around aren’t they? Oh, they’re not for carrying around.

Well, I seem to be getting everything wrong today.

Let’s see here… yep, that’s what it says… Sony Bluetooth laptop speakers. How about that?

What can I say, after that initial blunder the Chief Gopher still let me play around with his new Bluetooth laptop speakers? Now is he a nice gopher, or what?

I still say it looks like a high-tech ice chest, but these wireless speakers sound a whole lot better than any ice chest I ever hear. They’ve really got some pretty good sound, clear highs, nice midrange, and solid bass, without getting so overpowering that they shake me out of my chair.

The Bluetooth worked fine for me, that is until Greg brought his GopherBerry phone in with the Bluetooth enabled. Then, like most Bluetooth devices, it got a little confused. We had an instantly invisible tug-of-war between my laptop and Greg’s phone, both of them trying to interface with the Bluetooth on the speakers. Needless to say, neither of us won.

I like having something that’ll give me decent sound without having to connect one more thing to my laptop. Sometimes, I get so many cords hooked to it, that it seems like it’s going to get dragged off to the snake pit. Uhhh, that’s what I call the rat’s nest of cables under my desk. Anyway, these Bluetooth laptop speakers aren’t going to add anything to that problem. I can even leave them on the other side of the room and get the same great sound.

They don’t seem to work all that good through walls though. Had to take my laptop into the other room and cranked the volume a little before I left, let me just say that the experience wasn’t going to win any awards for audio greatness. I’m kind of surprised they didn’t put a battery compartment in these, but no, they’re pure plug-em-in at home or the office type of speakers.

You know, it almost has that Bose sort of look to it. Really a nice looking speaker, but done in a rather understated way that won’t grab anybody’s attention. It’ll just sit there pumping out the great sound until they look at it, sitting there unobtrusively on the bookshelf.

No problem interfacing with my laptop or my phone. The only problem was when I had more than one Bluetooth device running at the same time. That’s a problem that they just haven’t worked out with Bluetooth devices yet.

Really good. Even the bass sounds like these speakers are bigger than they are. Not overpowering, but good enough to let you know that it’s definitely there. If you try for full volume though, you start getting some pretty bad distortion.

To this old gopher, they’re worth the money. But, if you want to pick them up, you’d better do it soon, Rumor has it that Sony’s no longer selling them on their web site, which sounds to me like they’re going to get rid of it.