The Best Satechi Wireless Stereo Speaker

By The Gopher - June 19, 2019
Satechi Bluetooth Speaker Review
Credits: YouTube

Life is sweet. Especially when companies like Satechi send me products that haven’t even hit the market yet so I can review them and give my “professional” feedback. Today is an important day. has the opportunity to give YOU its first EXCLUSIVE REVIEW of the brand new Satechi Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speaker System.

Gophers, tighten up your braces because this is going to be a bumpy ride!

Satechi was kind enough to contact me so I could get an exclusive peek at their new Bluetooth Stereo Speakers.  At first, I was skeptical.  Could they really build something cooler than their Bluetooth iPhone Speaker?  Let’s find out!

This Wireless Stereo Speaker is ready to entertain you!  The integration of a wireless BT technology allows it to work as an active speaker which will transmit and broadcast uncompressed music.  Enjoy listening to the music distantly.  It integrates with a specially engineered bass system which will significantly enhance the bass performance even in a compact design.  With a coverage distance of 10m (that’s 30 feet for the metrically challenged), you can now experience a high quality digital audio broadcasting without any wires.

As for the price, it’s only $39.99. Which is awesome! Why? Because it could have cost a lot more!

The Satechi Wireless Stereo Speaker is a Bluetooth enabled compact boombox – without the boom.

Boy, do I wish I could turn on the Super Bass on this baby.  But that’s to be expected from a small wireless speaker.  The vibrations it emanates won’t wake up the neighbors, but it can easily kick start an impromptu party, liven up a picnic, or fill-in for your broken car speakers.

The great thing about the new Satechi Wireless Stereo Speaker is that its…stereo (duh!).  The way Satechi engineers managed to create a small device that can broadcast stereo sound like its bigger, less mobile brothers do is quite an accomplishment.  The channels are distinct enough for my tastes and the maximum volume output is high enough to get my geek on.

The Satechi Wireless Stereo Speaker is like that chubby chick you drunk text at 4 is.  It may not look that great, but it gets the job done.

Basically, it looks like a small drinking cup.

If I were to describe the speaker with one word it would be: “discreet”.  Which isn’t a bad thing.  It won’t win any design awards, but its above Fisher-Price grade.

At first, I had a few problems getting my iPhone and iPod to detect the speakers so I swallowed my manly, testosterone-driven pride and read the instructions.  Turns out all you have to do is hold the START button for 6 seconds to bring the speaker into sync mode.  After that, hooking it up to anything BT compatible is a piece of cake.

For a compact wireless speaker, it sounds great.  The wire gave me distortion here and there, but the Bluetooth sound came out clean.

However, Satechi boasts the unit as a 2.1 system.  I care to disagree.  Yes, there is a built-in bass system, but I feel its just not loud enough to merit the .1.  Maybe if you were to daisy chain 5 of the speakers together you could manage to get a decent sounding wireless home theater system.  But without that bass, you’re better off using this Satechi unit for what it was intended for: Portable Sound.

When you first open up the package, you need to recharge the unit for about 4 hours.  I was able to let it play non-stop for about 6 hours until the volume started getting lower and I got a low battery alert.  Like any ion-lithium batter, it may end up losing its charge if you’re not careful about using up the battery before recharging it.

My only beef is the lack of a better battery life indicator.  I had no idea if the unit was fully charged or nearly depleted.  So you could go out the door thinking you have 6 hours of play ahead of you only to have your speakers croak after 15 minutes.

Are you a douche looking for a new toy?  Ditch your Bluetooth Headset and use these speakers the next time you have a phone call on the bus!  If not, get these speakers anyhow.  They are incredibly useful whenever you’re out on a picnic or any other social function where impromptu party-inducing music levels are required.

For the shut-ins.  These are great if you want the capability of playing music/pron/games anywhere in the house.  No need to plug anything in.