Spotlight on the Sony VAIO Bluetooth Laser Mouse

By The Gopher - February 22, 2019
Sony VAIO Bluetooth Laser Mouse
Credits: YouTube

Hmmm, a Bluetooth laser mouse with a sliding aluminum cover; it’s obviously got something it’s trying to hide. Maybe it’s a secret compartment for spies to hide their microfiche. Or, maybe the buttons actually control the detonation of a secret, hidden nuclear device. Darn, where’s James Bond when I need him? Oh, never mind, it’s just the on/off switch for the mouse. Wow, really had me going there for a minute.

Okay, once I got over my moment’s insanity, my second reaction to this Bluetooth laser mouse is that it wouldn’t be all that comfortable a mouse to work with. I like to rest my paw on the mouse, and those sharp edges don’t really look all that comfortable, especially for a long day of working here in the gopher hole.

The Star Trek communicator look of this Bluetooth laser mouse is rather cool, even if it doesn’t flip open to ask Scotty to beam you up. The aluminum cover actually has a purpose, acting as the on/off switch for the mouse. It’s nice to have that on top, instead of hidden underneath as most wireless mice do. It also works to protect the scroll wheel and buttons from being actuated when the mouse is off.

It’s got an 800 dpi laser, so you get nice smooth movement across your screen. You don’t have to worry about stopping work to clean your mouse ball, which is always a nice extra. The mouse will work at up to 32 feet from the computer, which can be fun for pulling a joke on another gopher. The two AAA alkaline batteries will last about 1 1/2 months of regular use.

The real problem with this Bluetooth laser mouse is when you try and use it. It works great with Sony’s VAIO laptop computers, but when you try and use it with anything else, it seems to go on vacation. Can’t keep a good Bluetooth linkup and the mouse seems to take a nap a little too often.

This Bluetooth laser mouse has a low profile futuristic look about it. There’s nothing fancy or decorative about it; just smooth sleek lines that say “Star Trek” all around. It comes in both black and silver for those that want a choice.

Since it’s Bluetooth, it’s not hard to set up. But keeping it set up on a non-Sony machine is a little tricky.

Unless you’ve got a Sony VAIO laptop computer, I’d pass on this one. Too many gophers are reporting problems with it. On the other hand, I’d like to say that Sony only advertises it as a mouse for their VAIO computers, so maybe there’s something proprietary about their system that we don’t know about.