Spotlight on the JBL Duet Aluminum Speakers

By The Gopher - July 17, 2019
JBL Duet – Aluminum Speakers

You know, I’ve had so many desktop speakers come into my testing lab (otherwise known as my office) lately; that I thought there was nothing else to surprise me with. Then, along comes JBL; yeah, yeah, another pair of JBL desktop speakers, yadda, yadda. Look a little different, but then, you’ve got to look a little different to get any attention any more.

But, you know, I think they could have put these speakers in an old coffee can and still gotten attention. For a 2.0 speaker system, you won’t believe the sound these babies can put out. With these JBL Duet Speakers, it’s not about the look, it’s about the sound, and at a great price too.

I must confess; the aluminum color and rounded shape of these JBL Duet Speakers threw me off for a moment. I actually thought that JBL had designed them for Apple. That was before I heard them. If you didn’t have them sitting right there in front of you, you’d never know that you were listening to a 2.0 desktop system. What a sound!

Granted, there are a couple of little details that JBL left out of these; most notably a separate audio input for your iPod or another MP3 device. Okay, they’re not everything, but I don’t use my desktop speakers for that anyway, I use them for listening to music; and man, can you listen to music on these babies. Beethoven himself would have loved to have a set of these to listen to his 5th on.

There are not the loudest speakers either, at only six watts RMS per channel. So, if you’re looking for something to blow you away with quantity, these aren’t the speakers for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something to blow you away with the quality, especially at a reasonable price, I think you’ve found the JBL Duet desktop speakers of your dreams.

The first thing I thought when I saw these things was that it was somebody’s joke. All they needed was to be painted green so that the alien face could be complete. But, you know, they’ve really got a nice look to them. While I can’t get the alien face image out of my mind, they are nice and sleek, with everything rounded everywhere. I’d have to call them stylish.

Hey, they’re speakers, you know. Plugin the power and plug in the speakers, nothing to it.

This is where these babies shine. I don’t know how JBL did it, but these JBL Duet Speakers sound like much more than they are. They will easily compete for sound quality with speakers five times their price. Not only are they crisp and clear on the highs, but the bass is surprising for a 2.0 speaker system, it’s almost as if they hid a subwoofer in there somewhere; but, there’s not enough room for all that.

The sound clarity is something you’ve got to hear for yourself. Maybe you won’t pick it up with your rock or hip hop, but if you listen to classical on these babies, you’ll hear things you never heard before. You can actually pick out each instrument in the orchestra.

Si. Da. Wenn. Ha. Ako. Hvis. Kama. How many more ways do you want me to say yes? Unless you have something against aluminum, or you have your heart set on a bigger speaker system, I’d definitely say that this is a good buy for your money.