Should you buy a Bose Bluetooth Headset?

By The Gopher - August 13, 2019
Bluetooth Bose Speakers

The first thing you think when you see the name Bose is: “Holy Gopher Gods, it’s a Bose!”.  Inner thigh moistness may develop depending on your level of enthusiasm.

However, be warned!  Don’t sell your soul yet for a Bose Bluetooth Headset.  Read the following review and see for yourself if this bad boy is for you.

Our gophers gave this Bose piece the full run-through – from mosh pits to the race track – Can you hear me now?

Let’s face it, the Bose Headset has a big name to live up to.  If I were to try and find a way to demonstrate the kind of pressure a name could create, imagine if your parents had called you Baby Jesus.  You’d have your work cut out for you right?  Well, that’s the challenge this headset faced.  On most fronts, it did OK.  On others, meh… not so good! (psst!  No A2DP streaming.  What the eff?)

Sexy!  Prop it on your ear and suddenly your 1993 SAAB seems inadequate for your new look.  Its stylish design oozes that neo-modern look all gophers crave.  It fits very comfortably in your ear with easy to access controls.  Most testers had no problem slipping it on while only a minority had difficulty from keeping the unit from falling off their ears.

It’s your basic sync and plays unit.  If you’ve used Bluetooth technology before you will feel right at home with this Bose unit.

Way above average: 4 hours and 30 minutes.  It’s perfect for taxi drivers who moonlight as tech support agents.

What?  I can’t hear you. Noise cancellation is weak, especially for a headset sporting the Bose brand.  Don’t conference call while driving with your windows down, your employer WILL hear the wind blowing and know you’re not actually at your desk.  Some cheaper models like the Aliph Jawbone did a better job of isolating your voice from the outside world.

Unless you have money burning a hole in your pocket, I would advise against buying the Bose Bluetooth Headset.  Why?  You could find cheaper models that perform way better.  The only reason I can think of to buy this piece is for the look alone.  Did I mention its sexy?