Looking for Great Business Opportunities? Here are the 5 Best Franchise Options

By The Gopher - March 15, 2020
Looking for Great Business Opportunities? Here are the 5 Best Franchise Options

Having your own business is difficult, but despite its ups and downs – it’s a bold and courageous decision. To simplify the process, investing in and opening up your franchise would be a smart choice.

A franchise gives you greater chances of success, given that you’re not doing it solo. It enables your business to have an immediate kick start, along with the expertise, education, brand name, and marketing of a larger company.

Besides this, starting a franchise offers many other amazing perks and benefits. Consider the following five franchise opportunities when you decide to open one.

Franchise fee – From $10,000 to $1 million

Initial investment – From only $37,550 up to $1.15 million

Best for – Investors looking for unprecedented growth

7-Eleven is certainly not among the cheaper franchises to open. However, it offers rapid and huge progress and many possibilities. The company team is at your service and as a franchise owner you can launch your store in less than six months, or in three months, at best. 7-Eleven continues to expand tremendously in America and around the world, as the biggest international chain of convenience stores.

Franchise fee –  $1,250

Initial investment – Between $2,500 and $38,000

Best for – Investors looking for a less expensive investment

Jazzercise at first seems like a fitness trend from history, but, believe it or not, it’s among the top franchise opportunities at the moment. Investing in it is a great risk-free choice, with pretty low franchise fees for new company owners. You can completely control and optimize your investment to achieve maximum income, thanks to many pricing levels.

Franchise fee $495 to $10,495

Initial investment – Between $2,095 and $22,867

Best for – Those who search for the most affordable startup prices

The most recognized, widely known brands can cost a huge amount of money to open a new franchise. But, you can invest less than $1,000 by choosing Cruise Planners instead, and create your own franchise. As you can see, Cruise Planners is an extremely affordable franchise option.

Additionally, by working in the comfort of your own home, you can reduce your initial investments. That makes it even more convenient and easier.

Franchise fee – from $40,000 up to $90,000

Initial investment – from $228,620 up to $1,691,200

Best for – inexperienced franchise owners looking for training, support, and assistance in the business.

Dunkin’ is the best-known cafeteria and donut company in America. Also, a great business choice if you’ve decided to get into the world of the franchise. When you invest in Dunkin’ and open a franchise you already have an advantage because you are opening a store that is very popular.

The corporate headquarters provide training, on-site assistance, and even long-distance help to franchisors in developing the store, marketing, and managing business operations.

Franchise fee $25,000

Initial investment $250,000

Best for – a good return on your investment and rapid business growth

Choosing Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers is a great way to make a lot of money. This restaurant chain has tremendous growth and a franchise line that is currently expanding. Another thing that adds to why this option is a good idea, is that you can open a new restaurant in 8 up to 18 months.

As was shown, there are various franchise opportunities, with different fees and initial investments. Therefore, you’re going to be able to find the one that suits your budget. You will see your initial investment grow rapidly when your franchise becomes open to the public. It can be an additional, very profitable income source.

When you’re ready and willing to become a franchiser, you only need to search for the right opportunity for you. Check online to discover franchise options in the industry that interests you, a lot of companies are offering them. You can build a new career in the industry easily with the right investment.