Is the Logitech S220 Speaker System Worth Buying?

By The Gopher - May 05, 2019
Logitech S220 Speaker System Review

Wait a minute, is that right? A 2.1 speaker system for that low a price? Hey, Chief Gopher, did they get the price right on this one? I mean, I’ve seen a lot of speakers systems around here, but this is more like what I’d expect to pay for a pair of Logitech’s desktop speakers. Man those folks at Logitech never cease to surprise me.  Let’s find out how the Logitech S220 Speaker faired against our reviewer’s scrutinous review.

You know, back in my day, a subwoofer was when some wise-guy bringing his dog on the subway; now we’ve got them on speaker systems that cost less than $30, can you believe that? I think Logitech just threw down the gauntlet to their competitors, and the silence is deafening.

Forget about anything else in this price range, you’re not going to find something to match these Logitech S220 speakers. Granted, they don’t look like they fell off a flying saucer, but c’mon, what do you want? Last I checked, speakers were supposed to give us good sound, not great looks.

The subwoofer comes with built-in bass control, so you can set it and forget it. Most people never reset it anyway, once they’ve got it the way they want it. The subwoofer is also ported, so you can get the best bass experience out of this Logitech S220 Speaker. The satellite speakers are nice and compact, nothing fancy, but not taking up a lot of space on your desk either.

I like these units with hockey pucks, puts the controls and connections right where you need them, instead of on a speaker satellite that you’ve probably got hidden behind something or buried under papers. I just wonder why nobody ever packs a miniature hockey stick to go with them; you know, so you can have the total experience of hockey, right there on your desktop (just don’t let the Chief Gopher see me).

Okay, what do you expect for $30? They’re decent looking speakers, but you’re not going to win any art contests with these ones. It looks like Logitech decided to put their money into sound, not looks.

Plug it in and you’re ready to go. This is the great thing about these hockey pucks. Okay, you can play with them on your desk, but when you really need them is when you have to connect something to your speaker system. With the hockey puck, you’ve got your connections right there, where you can get to them.

A downside, however, is the Logitech S220 Speaker Connector Cable is very short.  It doesn’t leave you with much room to set up your speakers.

This is where these Logitech desktop speakers shine. They sound like something you’d pay almost $100 more to buy. Who’d a thunk it? That you could really get 2.1 sound for this kind of price.

If you want futuristic science fiction styled speakers, you’d better go somewhere else. But, if you want good sound on a Gopher’s pay, these guys win hands down. I’ve always liked Logitech’s products; they’re well thought out, well designed and well made. I’ve got to say, Logitech has gone to new heights with its Logitech S220 Speaker in breaking price barriers with this speaker system.