How Medicare Could Fund Your New Bed

By The Gopher - January 25, 2020
How Medicare Could Fund Your New Bed
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When it comes to health insurance, there are a lot of easy to miss information. Additional and hidden charges, deductibles, and many similar things that make it hard to truly understand what you’re covered for, especially if you are insured by Medicare.

Medicare coverage can be puzzling, but there are some great benefits to it. One of them is a brand new bed.

To get a bet covered by a health insurance company such as Medicare, it needs to serve a medical purpose and to be recommended by a doctor. Very few mattresses are qualified as durable medical equipment. To know if the mattress you require is insured, you first need to know which ones does Medicare cover.

Medicare provides three separate kinds of beds and bedding equipment:

Buying a mattress from a Medicare distributor is often more affordable. Do your online research to find Medicare distributors, with Medicare authorized mattresses and beds. There are a number of choices available, but be careful, you should choose only the ones accepted by Medicare so that you can get the coverage.

Normally, Medicare will pay 80%, and the other 20% is on you, which will save a lot of money due to the fact that mattresses can be pricey. Take a peek at your insurance program or speak to a representative of Medicare who will support you through the coverage process.

Before buying, and potentially wasting money – do the research to see what are your insurance options since the cost can differ and depend on your insurance plan.

When something is DME, that means that it’s made for health purposes – to help patients in their normal daily activities. DME stands for Durable Medical Equipment that your doctor recommends as medically important such as wheelchairs, respiratory equipment, walkers, and many more.

No one can prescribe a DME other than your doctor, and you must meet all the requirements to get a piece of medical equipment.

Luckily, after you have prescribed a piece of DME that satisfies these requirements, Medicare, as mentioned above, will pay a large part of the expense – up to 80%.

It is not too challenging to find DME approved beds, and, luckily, you can find a number of options if you are searching for a fresh new mattress funded by Medicare. We’ve put together the top five mattresses you need to consider when searching for one.

This high quality, latex-free foam mattress provides pressure redistribution in 5 therapeutic pressure zones. Additionally, it decreases friction and offers great support and comfort.

The usage of this pain reduction mattress offers many benefits. The foam content gives importance to support, pressure relief, and comfort simultaneously. This mattress is made from sustainable and plant-based materials, that improves quality and reduces the number of chemicals that are often used.

Solace Resolution Glissando Mattress helps stop the forming of the ulcers which are in the first place caused by friction. Composed of two dense foam layers, it prevents friction and redistributes pressure for maximum comfort.

Drive Medical Med Aire Low Air Loss Mattress is another DME mattress that changes pressure points and reduces friction. Built for prevention and treatment of the ulcers. The patient can modify the settings, like for example a 10-minute cycle that goes from active to static mode.

The ThevoRelief Stress Support Mattress is built to ease any physical discomfort.  This is done by stimulating the nerve tracts and offering spine support which leads to a much more pleasant sleep.

You can begin searching for the best mattress once your doctor informs you that durable medical equipment is a necessity for your health condition. Although a new medical mattress is often needed for only one specific use, there are many advantages to them. A healthier sleep and enhanced comfort will boost your overall health.

There are various online choices that Medicare has approved. From the Medicare website, you can search mattresses and locate nearby shops that have the bed you need. You will still have to read through the Medicare coverage to determine how much you’re covered and how much you’re going to have to spend.

By researching, you will find the right bed or mattress covered by Medicare eventually.