Everything you need to know about the Logitech LS21 2.1 Stereo Speaker System

By The Gopher - June 14, 2019
Logitech LS21 2.1 Stereo Speaker System Review

Old Gopher: “Hey, Chief Gopher, what’s with the Logitech desktop speakers on my desk? Didn’t I just do a review on these?”

Chief Gopher: “No, you’re losing your memory. Better get a RAM upgrade. That was another Logitech desktop speaker system, the S220. I want you to check this one out too.”

Okay, okay, so I’m losing my memory. Hey, I was playing with this stuff when he was in diapers… oh, wait a minute; we didn’t have 2.1 speaker systems back then. Okay, so what have we got? It’s Logitech, so it’s got to be pretty good…

I don’t know how Logitech is coming up with all these 2.1 speakers systems at such good prices. I mean, until I looked at the S220, I didn’t think there was any way that you could buy a 2.1 speaker system for under $30, even from Logitech. Well, it looks like they’ve done it again.

Not only are these Logitech desktop speakers a 2.1 system, complete with down-firing subwoofer, but they’ve got one of those cute little desktop hockey pucks that a lot of manufacturers are making these days. Only, this hockey puck is kind of square, instead of the typical round shape. Hmm, I wonder if that’ll make it shoot any more accurately.

The satellite speakers are rather sharp-looking, with a nice aluminum band and base that raised them a little bit off the desktop. Zach, my littlest gopher thinks they did that so he could use it as a garage for his toy cars. I think they did it to get the sound over all the clutter on my desk. The subwoofer on these Logitech desktop speakers is kind of plain, square, black, and a bass port staring out at you like a big mouth.

One nice thing I appreciate about these speakers is the cable management system that Logitech included on the back of each speaker. I’ve got more stuff hooked up to my computer than you can imagine, including a soundboard and two different types of VCRs, along with the usual speakers, network cables, monitors, and other junk. Managing all those wires can be a nightmare, but these speakers at least help keep it from getting worse.

The sub-woofer has a volume control on the backside, which means that these speakers will satisfy a variety of gopher’s ears. Unfortunately, the bass port is a great place for Zach to stick pencils, chewing gum, and the odd Lego piece he finds on the floor, but then, he does that with every speaker that’s got a bass port. At least the speaker cone is hidden from him.

The satellites look kind of sharp and high-tech with their aluminum stand. I almost expect them to have something robotic happening. They’re not an in-your-face kind of wild design, just sharp. By putting the controls and jacks on the hockey puck, Logitech has managed to keep the front of the speakers looking clean and simple. I like that.

Nice and easy to connect; hey, they’re speakers, how hard can it be? Here’s where the cable management system made it nice for me. I usually tie my excess wire length up with wire ties. With this system, I don’t have to go hunting for enough wire ties to shorten all the wires.

Logitech brags that these desktop speakers have “full-range sound” and I’ve got to agree. Now, some other gophers I know were complaining about the bass not being full enough, but I know those gophers and they really like the bass to be booming. Me, I could never get into Pink Floyd, the Rolling Stones, and those other heavy rock bands, but I thought I’d check the bass out. I’ll have to say, when I stuck that sub-woofer under my desk, it was nothing to brag about. But, then again, I had it sitting on the carpet, which does a great job of absorbing sound, especially low-end sound. So, I went out to my workshop and found a board to put under it. That made a world of difference.

This is another one this old gopher’s a little unsure about. Sure, they’re Logitech desktop speakers and that says a lot. They’ve got some nice features for them too. But for my money, I like S220s better. On the other hand, I think these will be around longer than the S220s will.