Everything about the Razer Orochi Bluetooth Laptop Gaming Mouse

By The Gopher - April 29, 2019
Razer Orochi Bluetooth Notebook Gaming Mouse Review

Razers, start your engines… Unlike most wireless mice, which are kinda-sorta general-purpose mice, Razer advertises their Orochi Bluetooth laser mouse as being specifically made for gaming. What would make a mouse better for gaming? How about 7 fully programmable buttons? If that doesn’t grab you; how about 4000 dpi sensitivity instead of the standard 800 dpi? Either way, this is a mouse that’s ready to fly.

The Orochi is a little bit bigger than your standard notebook mouse and a little bit smaller than your standard desktop mouse. That makes this Bluetooth laxer mouse a much more comfortable mouse to use for extended periods of time. Although the asymmetrical design, it almost feels ergonomic. The matte black rubberized coating makes it easy to hang onto, even when your hands get sweaty in the heat of virtual battle.

The mouse comes with 7 fully programmable buttons. The catch? You’ve got to connect it via USB to change the programming. That’s really not a problem, because the mouse comes with a USB cable. Although, why would anyone want to use a buy a wireless mouse, then use it with a cable?

Unlike many mice, access to the batteries is from above, not below; taking the buttons off to access the battery compartment. Although it might seem a little bit risky, at least you don’t have to worry about your door dragging on the mouse pad, because it’s not fully closed.

This Old Gopher’s got to say that this is really a top-notch mouse. What really makes it great is the 4000 dip sensitivity. Not only can you move faster on games, but you can also move more precisely for graphics. Where most Bluetooth mice are a lag a bit and tend to be a bit jerky, this one’s smooth as can be. That makes a huge difference.

Like most wireless mice, the Orochi has a moment’s lag when you start using it. That’s because it goes into sleep mode once you park it for a few seconds. Some users have complained that this setting should be user selectable, but it really doesn’t take all that long to get used to.

The programmable buttons are great. You can even have five different profiles set up, assigning the buttons differently for different games, or… perish the thought… work (I know, that’s a four-letter word).

When I first saw this mouse, I thought it was a new spaceship for the next Star Wars movie. Unlike most mice, Razer’s designed this Bluetooth wireless mouse with the front open in front of the wheel. It almost looks like it’s getting ready to fire its laser at your computer monitor. Strangely enough, the USB cord connects in that opening, which I guess can be considered the black laser of death… uhh, connectivity.

The scroll wheel is lit up on both sides when the laser is on, giving you a visual cue when the mouse is working, and when it’s decided to take a nap.

Like all Bluetooth devices, setup is a snap. Just turn it on, and enable the Bluetooth on your laptop. Just make sure that the mouse doesn’t decide to take a nap before your computer finds it. The one thing that seems a little weird is that you have to connect the USB cable in order to change the mouse settings. However, once you change them, they are stored in the mouse, so they’ll work on any computer you use it with. That’s a nice little touch.

What can I say, the sound stinks. In fact, there isn’t any. It doesn’t matter how much I turn the volume control up, I don’t hear a thing. I wonder if this thing is working right?

It’s a little pricey, but if you want a top-notch Bluetooth laser mouse, this is probably the one for you. Yeah, there are cheaper ones out there, but they don’t have the smooth, lag-free operation of this one.