A Deep Look into the Logitech M305 Wireless Mouse

By The Gopher - March 29, 2019
Logitech M305 Wireless Mouse Review

Like everything that Logitech has put out for the last 30+ years, the Logitech M305 wireless USB mouse is another well designed, high-quality piece of gear. The mouse itself is a little bit smaller than a typical desktop mouse, but a little bit bigger than many laptop mice. I like that, as my hands are a little bit big and most laptop mice make me feel kind of clumsy.

The really great thing with this wireless USB mouse is that the receiver is so small, it doesn’t have to be removed from the USB jack on your laptop when you pack up to go home from work.

The Logitech M305 wireless USB mouse is intended to be used as a laptop mouse. They’ve worked hard to ensure that it’s easy to use and that the USB receiver is small enough to be left connected, even when you pack your laptop up. Since Zach broke the USB receiver for my last wireless mouse, I’m really glad to see this smaller receiver.

The Logitech M305 is kind of like Ohio, round on the ends and a bit high in the middle. Some people might complain about the height, but I find a higher laptop mouse easier to hang onto. When they get too small, I feel like I’m using my daughter’s tea party set.

The battery compartment is under the top cover, meaning that you’ll never have to worry about the bottom cover not being closed right and dragging on your mouse pad. There’s a little holder for the USB receiver hiding in there too, although I don’t know why someone would want to remove the receiver from their computer. A power switch on the bottom makes sure your mouse takes a nap when you want it to.

I’ll have to say that this is just what I’d expect from Logitech; quality and ease of use. I really like the small receiver they’ve designed; it only sticks out of the side of my laptop about 5 mm, making it almost seem to disappear. We wondered how far the wireless function would really work so we decided to check it out. I gave up at 10 feet and turned the testing over to Greg, he ran down the hall to his room, which is a good 35 feet away, and could still control my laptop. Uh oh, I can see some serious gags coming my way in the near future.

Logitech has built-in intelligent battery management, which puts the mouse to sleep when you’re not using it. A power indicator light lets you know when it’s on. I’ve used a few wireless mice that left me wondering if they were working or not. Start moving them and wait for them to wake up, look around, and decide it’s time to start working. The Logitech M305 doesn’t seem to have this problem. Every time I’ve grabbed it, the response was almost instantaneous.

Logitech has made this mouse available in seven different colors/designs. So, you’re bound to find something that shows your true colors. The colored part is only for the top; the sides are black rubber, giving it a nice secure grip.

I don’t think it can get any easier than this. Plug it in and forget it. That’s one of the things that really impresses me about this mouse, you don’t have to hook it up every time you move your laptop. If you’re a fast-moving gopher like me, that can get to be a pain in the tail.

If you’re looking for a general-purpose mouse for your laptop, this is a great little pet at a really great price. I don’t see any reason why you’d be dissatisfied with the Logitech M305 wireless USB mouse.