8 Easy Ways to Save Money This Summer

By The Gopher - May 25, 2020
8 Easy Ways to Save Money This Summer

Summertime is a long-awaited fun time, but usually, not that fun for our wallets. Summer can be seen as a deceptive and unwittingly devious time to spend more money than usual. Then, later in autumn, you end up wasting countless restless nights checking your online banking account just to see it full again.

Instead of paying a huge amount of money for an air conditioning bill, or for tons of huge summer cocktails, cut your unnecessary expenses without having to cut the fun. We would not like to see your money go down the drain just because of some reckless summer decisions, so here are 8 simple ways to save money this season.

Exercising outside in the fresh air and sunshine is a much healthier option for you and a better option for your wallet. There are a ton of options on how and where to train outside, and you’ll save three monthly membership fees.

Find outdoor exercise equipment where you’ll do pull-ups or abs, jog around the neighborhood, run up the stairs, et cetera. It’s far more pleasant than sweating in the gym, just make sure you don’t have an expensive gym rejoining fee in autumn.

This summer, try to save money on your grocery shopping, by comparing grocery prices or setting a limited budget. To do that you have to be prepared to look around and search for a cheaper store, or visit several different ones.

Luckily, some actions such as multiple stops are much more bearable in the summer, thanks to the nice weather.

Take advantage of libraries and their large collection of various books instead of buying on Amazon or going to the bookstore. Nowadays, many libraries are stocked with great books from many different branches so you will undoubtedly find the book that you want.

Before you return it, check to make sure that there is no sand left inside.

For persons that are used to making a yearly budget plan, summer is just something normal that follows, but for those who do not have the habit of doing it, this could be a great change. Make the most of the long summer days to manage your annual budget.

Analyze your spending habits and check to make sure you are not overspending on a regular basis. If that is the case, make some strict changes in your daily habits or add another source of income like a second job.

Many of us aren’t aware of how much we spend on ice cream during the summer. Whether we buy it to cool down, or just to sweeten up, it turns out that we spend a good amount of money.

Instead, buy a grocery store ice cream or start making your own with fruit, yogurt, and juice and fill your freezer. The taste will be equally good, if not better and it will save you money. The amount of money you pay for one ice cream outside can buy you an entire container of ice cream or four packages of grocery store ice cream bars.

This doesn’t have to be often, because normally sometimes you want to go out, but once in awhile opting for a home option is a good idea.

Hosting friends at home, making cocktails, and other kinds of drinks, providing that people bring their own bottle, can be a lot cheaper than spending up to $20 per drink at a bar. And this doesn’t include any food, so it’s obviously better to make some effort once in a while and organize a home gathering.

If you travel frequently during the summer, then you know how much prices may vary. Thankfully, there are ways to save money when planning a trip.

The timing of the vacation is utterly important when it comes to budgeting. For example, traveling in May, June, or September can be cheaper than at the peak of the season – June, July, and August. Even though September is past peak season, the weather is just as nice as it is in August.

Whatever you shop for, make sure you’re paying for the best deal there is. Compare the prices of everything, including car rental, airplane tickets, or hotel prices.

The use of the air conditioner has become a necessity during warm days. However, you shouldn’t run it 24/7, primarily because of your health.

One interesting fact about the air conditioner is that you can save about 10-12 percent on a monthly bill just by changing the thermostat to 78°F instead of 72°F. If you want to save even more and choose a healthier way to cool down, look for a rotating fan.

Planning ahead will save you money and make your overall summer much easier. At the very beginning of the summer, review your finances, and make a perfect plan on how to implement all this information in your lifestyle.