Top Vitamin Brands for Seniors

By The Gopher - May 05, 2020
Top Vitamin Brands for Seniors

There is a lot that we can do for our health each day. Well-known factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle are a well-balanced diet with proper nutrients, regular physical activity, and at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

Even so, the daily consumption of vitamins and minerals shouldn’t be neglected. Vitamins increase your dietary nutrient density and ensure that you get the right amount of nutrients to suit your dietary needs.

Consumption of vitamins is even more essential when people grow older because the absorption of essential nutrients decreases with age. Nowadays, it’s difficult to determine which brands are reliable and can ultimately benefit you since there are so many different ones. And for this reason, we’ve chosen four reputable brands to make your selection easier.

Here are the four chosen ones that will hopefully satisfy your nutritional needs.

Vitamin Brands for Seniors

Carlson Labs

Carlson is well-known for making high-quality vitamins among other nutritional supplements. Their omega-3 supplements are the reason why Carlson Labs is now known worldwide. In the 1980s, this supplement was introduced to the North American market. Using organic fish oil in production, Carlson’s omega-3 gives the required health benefits to consumers in a delicious and high-quality form.

Best Product

Carlson Elite Omega-3 Gems

Omega-3 is highly beneficial for older adults because it significantly decreases inflammation, prevents arrhythmia, establishes healthy blood sugar levels, and helps your brain by improving blood circulation and brain cell growth. The reason why inflammation can be dangerous is due to the fact that it’s associated with chronic diseases.

CVS Health

If you’re thinking about heading to the drugstore to search for some vitamins, a great place to start is at your local CVS Pharmacy. CVS has shown to be a reliable retailer, with a wide variety of products and product brands, including its own CVS Health.

What raised the bar in 2019, and brought new standards for pharmaceutical industries is the CVS’s project called “Tested to Be Trusted”. All sold supplements are tested by third parties, so it confirms that brands who are properly tested do not contain certain ingredients or harmful chemicals. To be more specific, according to CVS Health more than 1400 products across 11 categories complete testing to verify labeled ingredients.

Best Product

CVS Pharmacy Spectravite Adult 50+ Multivitamin

These highly valued multivitamin tablets are one of the most well-known CVS products. Spectravite Adult 50+ Multivitamin is meant to provide adults with their daily dose of vitamins, as it contains vitamin C, zinc, potassium, high levels of B vitamins, and many more.

Evidence suggests that multivitamins can enhance vitality, reduce levels of stress and anxiety, and may improve memory in addition to other health benefits. Therefore, take your vitamins daily.

Life Extension

Life Extension produces high-quality supplements that bring promising health benefits. Every supplement gets a Certificate of Analysis and that alone gives users trust and confidence in the product. The company has been running for 40 years and is the #1 Catalog/Internet Merchant according to Consumer Lab. Since that happened five times, this five-time winner company gained some major credibility.

Best Product

Life Extension Vitamin D3

The sun is the greatest natural source of vitamin D, and it can supply the body with all the vitamin D it requires. However, not everyone can spend time in the sunlight regularly, which is the reason why it should be taken through supplements.

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin, especially as you get older – it increases bone strength and regulates the immune system. Besides, it helps lower blood pressure and benefits overall cardiovascular health.

Kirkland Signature / Costco

At Costco, you can buy whatever you need, along with Kirkland Signature Vitamins. Prices are affordable, and there is a wide variety of vitamins and other supplements that you can shop online or in one of their many locations.

Best Product

Kirkland Signature Vitamin C

One of the most common buyers choices from the Kirkland brand is vitamin C tablets. Daily consumption of Vitamin C has numerous health benefits. It can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, and acts as a powerful antioxidant. Also, Vitamin C greatly improves the immune system, something we especially need to take care of as we age.

The Health Benefits of Vitamins

Vitamin supplements will help you age well and give you the energy you need, it is a really simple thing you can do for your overall health. If you are deficient in any vitamin, due to an established disease, vitamin supplements can help compensate for this deficiency.

Consult your doctor, and do a blood test to reveal if there is a certain vitamin deficiency on which you can work on. We can never know too much about ourselves, and as they say, it’s better to prevent than to cure. Take care of yourself daily.