A Deep Look into the Logitech V470 Mouse

By The Gopher - November 11, 2019
Logitech V470 Mouse Review

At first glance, this Logitech V470 mouse doesn’t look like much; I mean, it’s a mouse, you know, they don’t look all that exciting. Nothing like the class of a real gopher. Then you take the second glance and notice that the mouse doesn’t have a tail… cool. I like mice without tails, especially for hauling around with my laptop. But then, on third glance, you notice that they left out the dongle, that’s when it really caught my attention.

This mouse is both laser and Bluetooth, how cool is that? Talk about an ideal combination for my laptop, the only thing it’s missing is a cold drink dispenser. Don’t know where they’d fit that though.

Our Review

You know, I remember the first time I bought a Logitech mouse; it was way back in the 80s. Since then, I’ve bought a lot; I mean a lot of Logitech products. I have yet to be disappointed by one of them. Considering how many computers we’ve got in the gopher den and how many upgrades we’ve done through the years, that’s quite a track record. I expect this mouse to be just the same.

This is a Bluetooth laser mouse. That means that your laptop can recognize it, even without hooking up a dongle (at least, you can if your laptop is Bluetooth enabled). Since it’s a laser mouse, you don’t have to worry about having a dirty mouse ball, or even worse, losing your dirty mouse ball. Plus you can use it on any surface. Uhh… okay, any surface except glass and mirrors, okay.

The Logitech V470 mouse interfaced fast with my computer, and “woke up” quickly after entering sleep mode. I don’t know about you, but I hate mice that are still taking a nap, even after I start using them. Since it didn’t come with a mouse house or rechargeable batteries, I was a little bit concerned that the batteries would go dead on me really fast; but, would you believe that a regular pair of AA alkalines will last 3 months of regular use in this little mouse? That’s pretty darn good! Maybe if I turned off the power switch on the bottom it would last even longer.The really great thing that Logitech has done on this Bluetooth laser mouse is the scroll wheel. It doesn’t just scroll up and down, but tips from side to side as well, allowing you to scroll both horizontally and vertically. That’s cool! With my old gopher eyes, I need to blow things up a bit on the monitor, so that side-to-side scroll capability really helps me out. You can even zoom with the scroll wheel.

The Look

Logitech V470 Mouse

Nice and sleek, it’s not a mini-mouse, but it’s not as big as a full-sized mouse. It’s blue on the top (maybe for the Bluetooth?) and black rubber, for a good grip, on the sides. Logitech has included a nice little pouch for taking your mouse on the road with you. I guess that helps keep it from escaping.

Setting up the Logitech V470 Mouse

There’s really nothing to do to set this up. The Bluetooth interfaces really quickly, saving a lot of hookup problems. Logitech provides a driver disk with some special software that you’re supposed to need in order to make all the options work, but I never used it. Good old Plug-N-Play took care of this one for me.

Feel & Sensitivity

I like the slightly bigger size of this when compared to other laptop mice. Somehow, those mini-mice feel more like mouse babies in my hands. The rubber sides, almost a trademark on Logitech mice, makes it easy to hang on to the mouse, even on those days where the Chief Gopher’s got me sweating.

Some people complain about the sensitivity of wireless mice, but I don’t notice anything strange about this one. If fact, it feels just about like my wired USB mouse. The other complaint that’s common with wireless mice is the delay when waking them up from a nap. Like other Logitech mice, this one wakes up and gets to work quickly.

Should you buy it?

If you want a really convenient mouse for your laptop, this is a great mouse. The combination of Bluetooth wireless technology with laser technology makes for a really convenient and useful mouse. Long battery life means that you’re not going to have your mouse dying right when you need it.


  • I really like the dual scroll wheel that allows you to scroll horizontally and vertically
  • Being able to zoom from the scroll wheel
  • Long battery life
  • Logitech’s reputation for quality and innovation


  • List price is a bit much, but the street price for this mouse is good
  • No tail to get wrapped around the stuff on your desk.